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Economic & Financial Analysis: High Performance Businesses with Mr. Bruce Hennis

(The following article is based on a Rethink Network interview. Part 3 of a 4-Part Series)

What are High-Performance Businesses?

As mentioned in the the first part of this series, Bruce has made it his objective to pursue high performance businesses, so what are these types of businesses ?These types of corporations are those which have simultaneously:

  1. Stood the Test of Time (in other words, they are durable corporations) – in this, Bruce has gone as far back as 1695 (or up to where he can get reliable data);
  2. Performed well in their Revenue Growth;
  3. Performed well with their growth in Profitability; and
  4. Performed well with their Stock Prices and Dividend Performance/Payouts

In searching for companies that are built to withstand significant Global Economic Crises, and because these crises tend to occur in cycles, it is therefore necessary to run detailed analysis on Global Economies. Thus in this regard, the preference is to focus on some of the largest economies in the world such as:

  • The USA,
  • China,
  • The UK, 
  • Canada,

with in-depth research and analysis being conducted on economic crises going as far back as the 1770’s until now.

Of especial importance, are their performances in Indicators such as:

  • Economic Performances as measured by a country’s Gross Domestic Product;
  • Stock Market Performances, because significant crashes may also translate into significant losses in wealth (like what’s happening right now);
  • Unemployment – to see how a nation’s people are being impacted;
  • Inflation, [Oil Prices, Food Prices etc.] in order to keep a tab on the Cost of Living;
  • Interest Rates – to check on the cost of borrowing, since this also could impact Exchange Rates; and 
  • Exchange Rates themselves, in order to see how that could affect a nation with regards to its cost of imports/exports.

*Stay tuned for Part 4 as Bruce shares about the Current Trends and Issues

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